Medi-Cal Qualification

These are Medi-Cal Eligibility Requirements for Most People:

But Not For My Clients!

          When Col. Mustard first moved into a skilled nursing facility he was paying $10,000 per month. That eats up a lot of inheritable money.

          Through the use of Asset Protection Planning, Col. Mustard can qualify for Medi-Cal, reduce the monthly drain on his estate to only $2,900, and PASS AN INHERITANCE TO HIS CHILDREN.

I was retained by clients who held rental properties in San Diego and Nevada, had their home in California, and had $200,000 in personal property. Because of a medical matter, the husband had to qualify for Medi-Cal. Normally, with all their assets, they would not qualify. By strictly following California and Federal Medi-Cal regulations, I was able to qualify them for Medi-Cal and retain their assets for their children to inherit.

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